System Requirements

IBM PC or 100% compatible
1GB hard disk space
80486 or higher processor
1GB of RAM minimum
800x600 screen resolution or higher
32k colour VGA or better video
Windows 2000, ME, XP, Windows 7 or Windows NT 4.0 or higher

Any laser (colour and / or black and white) printer should work just fine. The Card stock or "thick", "tough" or "heavy" setting should be used if the printer supports such a setting.

When considering purchasing a printer to be used with the Netc Barcode Label Printing System, please contact us to ensure that your printer is suitable for the purpose.

Here is a list of those printers for which we have first hand knowledge:

HP 3500
HP 3700
HP 4500
HP 4550
HP 4600

IBM Infoprint 1145

Important Note:
For LTO labels, OKI (all models) is not recommended.
For all labels, HP 5500 is not recommended.

The Enterprise Edition The Standard Edition The Unplugged Edition

The Enterprise Edition of the Netc Label System provides the ability to create all types of media labels.

All label types are supported (3480, 3590, 3592, 9840, Super DLT, DLT, LTO, AIT, 8mm, 4mm, etc...) and personalised templates can be provided if you have a special need. All libraries and autoloaders are supported or can be supported within 1 business day. This is the length of time it takes us to create a label template.

The user has complete control over many label attributes including background and character colours, font name, font size and font style.

The system supports ad-hoc and serial label jobs as well as the ability to import labels from a simple text file.

No special equipment is needed and the user interface is modeled after Windows Explorer which dramatically reduces the learning curve.

The Standard Edition provides all of the same great features of the Enterprise Edition and it lets you, the end user, choose the type and number of label templates you need: LTO,  DLT and HP LTO. Customise the system and price to fit your needs and budget.

The Standard Edition entitles users to 1 label template license that can be applied to any label template (except 3490 type templates). This allows you to choose the correct template for your labeling needs. Additional label template licenses are available.

Due to the number of label templates, users who need to create 3480, 3590, 9840 labels need to purchase the Enterprise Edition.

Netc Unplugged - a grayscale version of the Netc Enterprise Edition. All the functionality for a fraction of the cost.

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