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The Netc Label System and Netc Label Stock were initially created to solve the problems faced by data center managers whenever they needed to obtain replacement labels for 3480/3590 style tape cartridges. Users quickly realised that the Netc Label System provided a solution for all their barcode labelling needs.

Today, the system is used by large organisations world wide to provide in-house printing of individual and bulk labels in the many thousands. In addition, the range of cartridges and libraries supported encompasses all current models and types, with the ability to request new types for addition within 24 hours.

The Netc services are provided by people with wide experience in I.T. especially data storage. They offer support for the Netc software and NEXT DAY delivery of pre-printed custom labels.

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We provide preprinted labels for:

  • ANY type of barcode label to suit ANY type of library, autoloader or drive
  • ANY quantity (from 10 to 10,000’s)
  • ANY specification (colour, style, font, prefix/suffix)
  • ANY additional ‘human readable’ information
  • ADD your own logo or sales promotions

 Print Your Own


The Netc Label System is comprehensive and easy to use to produce your labels whenever you want. All you need is:

  • IBM PC or compatible
  • Laser Printer
  • Our specialised label stock

 RFID Enabled Labels


Netc has designed an integrated, dual purpose, RFID and barcode data tape labels. Incorporating an RFID antenna into our high quality Netc media barcode labels allows for wireless tracking of tape media, an additional level of data security, reduced tape library inventory time and several other benefits. In addition each Netc N·VISION RFID media barcode label allows for up to 56 characters of user data per label.


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